Change: The Heart of Growth

Our motto this year “Change: The Heart of Growth” will give you inspiring ideas on the newest innovations in the industry. We’ll talk about digital asset management as a changing trend and technology along with change management topics. These are given by to DAM experts like Theresa Regli, John Horodyski, Thomas Schleu and many more.

On Monday, October 9th, we offer an educative agenda with presentation from DAM experts and fascinating real-world case studies. Registration begins at 8.30am, we start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm.

After the first day, you will be invited to the Stone Brewing for a fun evening including networking, beer tasting and a tour of the brewery.

On Tuesday, October 10th, we’ll have a full line-up of informative breakout sessions across three separate tracks. We start at 9am with breakfast and welcome, the sessions begin at 9.30am, we finish at 4.30pm.

8:30 AM Registration and Breakfast
9:30 AM Canto Welcome, Vision, and Roadmap Jack McGannon, Canto CEO
Thomas Mockenhaupt, Canto CSO
09:50 AM Visual Communication in the age of AI (DAM Industry Keynote 1) Ramzi Rizk, EyeEm AI has begun to understand images on a deep level, changing the way we communicate and work with visuals. With more images floating around the digital world today than ever before, how do we sort the noise from quality imagery? The team at EyeEm is working on technology to organize images based on their aesthetics - and train this technology to understand specific brand style or individual taste, personalizing the entire image search process. In his keynote, EyeEm’s Co-Founder & CTO Ramzi Rizk will explain the shift in visual communication as a result of technology, and what that means for media, photographers and brands.
10:10 AM DAM as an engine for customer experience (DAM Industry Keynote 2) Theresa Regli, KlarisIP Engines convert one form of energy into a different one, usually burning a fuel to create heat, which in turn creates a force. The word "engine" derives from the old French "engin", meaning “ingenious”. What are the forces we need to create with our DAM engines in 2017? In our modern creative digital workplaces, DAM systems have evolved into engines that power not only the creation and distribution of digital assets, but now also the consumer experience. But are those experiences empathetic to how consumers are thinking and feeling? Is it possible to plant seeds for optimal consumer experience in the earliest stages, when we’re initially creating and managing the assets that will shape the digital environment?
10:40 AM Coffee Break
11:10 AM Digital Transformation for Manufacturing (Customer Story Voith) Uwe Gobbers, Voith Storing the ever-growing amount of digital content available worldwide is a major challenge for a global player like Voith. Communication and marketing experts, product managers, sales representatives as well as partners and agencies are using Cumulus – the leading digital asset management system – for daily internal and external communication. The aim is to keep all digital assets centrally managed and available in one location for all company members and partners. This reduces redundancy, provides high-quality assets and minimizes the post production time for images. These are major goals for Voith. In this presentation, I’ll give you an overview of how our company-wide ‘Commscockpit’ is used for searching and sharing content and how Cumulus, with its API, is integrated into different workflows and processes with Web2Print and CMS solutions. Only professionals fill up the database with high-quality images, presentations and videos and that makes it easy to keep all content up-to-date – especially through the newly integrated Media Delivery Cloud which keeps all websites up-to-date with the newest images and videos.
11:40 PM From Change Management to Project Management (Customer Story Schluter-Systems) Udo Schlüter, Schluter-Systems KG How can a midsize company handle upcoming changes in processes and business configuration? Schlüter-Systems set up a change management organization and project management. Change management enables the business to discuss and to decide on changes. The execution of these changes is done within the project management, which gives the company the opportunity to run several projects simultaneously.
12:10 PM Customer Story: Bistum Würzburg Tobias Otto, Bistum Würzburg
12:40 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM Panel: Why DAM & Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) are the dream team in the age of Video Moderated by Oliver Jäger, movingimage The use of video in companies is growing exponentially. Along with it comes the need for more technology infrastructure to manage the proliferation of digital video assets. That’s why digital asset management (DAM) providers are now integrating an enterprise video platform (EVP) into their systems. The fusion between DAM and EVP enables seamless video workflows and ensures the availability of the media in all playout channels.
Oliver Jäger (movingimage’s VP Global Marketing & Communications) will take the stage to lead an in-depth discussion with industry experts on what the near future holds for corporate communication and collaboration through enterprise video.
2:50 PM Managing International Websites and the Corresponding Challenges! The Interface Between Cumulus and Sitecore (Customer Story MEWA) Steffen Geier, MEWA The challenge faced by MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. in 2015: Relaunch 16 national websites in 20 different languages with different products and services in every country. The idea to work with the integration between the Content Management System Sitecore and the Digital Assets Management System Cumulus was developed to provide content and multimedia assets to customers and prospective customers in real-time while reducing the workload for the digital team. The approach was to use an asset as the starting point, which is located in a central location (Cumulus) and automatically converted into the required image sizes. The integration between Cumulus and Sitecore simplified editors’ workflows and pictures were put in different sizes and formats, depending on the device.
3:20 PM Coffee Break
3:50 PM How German Maritime Search and Rescue Manages Its Image Flood (Customer Story) Antke Reemts, DGzRS The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service is funded entirely by donations. So how do we engage donors with captivating visual content when rescue missions take place far out at sea where professional photographers cannot go?
Rescue pictures can’t be taken twice, but still they are our biggest asset in telling a story – whether that’s the story of our founding (around 150 years ago), a rescue mission or if why we need support for building a new rescue cruiser.
From black and white prints to slides and digital photography, everything must be organized and reusable. Today, Cumulus helps the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service) manage over 50,000 pictures. These images help fund a rescue service that needs at least 30 million Euros a year in donations
4:20 PM Benefits, Changes and Challenges introducing a DAM system at a first division basketball club in Germany (Customer Story Giessen 46ers) Sebastian Jung, Giessen 46ers Tradition and passion have been the key success factors for the Giessen 46ers ever since their establishment in 1846. Basketball as a sport and the club itself gained improved media attention in Germany resulting in new challenges on how to cope with the huge amount of data produced nowadays. Introducing Cumulus as their Digital Asset Management System provides the club with new opportunities to share content and interact with partners, media and fans in an easy and uncomplicated way.
4:50 PM Closing Remarks Jack McGannon, Canto; Thomas Mockenhaupt, Canto; Ines Köhler, Canto

Subject to change.

When Duration Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
09:00am   Arrivals and Breakfast  
09:30am 15 min Welcome  
09:45am 45 min

How to get the most out of Cumulus

Brand Portals: From Self-Service to Marketing Commerce (eCentral) How to create outstanding video experiences with Cumulus and movingimage EVP(movingimage)


10:30am 20 min Break  
10:50am 45 min

What's New in Cumulus 11

How AI Changes Digital Asset Management & DAM Which Deployment Option Is Right For You?


11:35am 10 min Break  
11.45am 45 min

Scaling Search in Cumulus

PIM & MAM – The Integrative Basis for Efficient Marketing (Viamedici)

John Horodyski: Metadata Magic


12:30pm 75 min Lunch  
01:45pm 45 min

Cumulus Portals - Changing from a standard portal to a customizable / individual component solution

Integration Overview Cansu Oral: Change Management and The Role of Change Agents


02:30pm 10 min Break  
02:40pm 45 min

Global Media Distribution

Creative Collaboration & Workflow Meet Flight


03:25pm 10 min Break  
03:35pm 45 min

What's New in Cumulus 11

Digital Rights Management    

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