Day 1 & 2 - Kalkscheune

Kalkscheune is an event location with a difference situated in downtown Berlin. The rooms are in a landmarked building and a green inner courtyard provide a very special framework for the Canto DAM Summit Europe.

Day 1 - Evening Event at the Stone Brewing

The Stone Brewing brewery is an iconic Berlin destination. A brewery tour will be offered by professional tour guides and you’ll learn about the brewing process and craft beer culture. This tour will be followed by a guided tasting of some freshly brewed, phenomenal beers. The evening location is perfect to network and socialize.

Transportation between venues

Transport from Kalkscheune to Stone Brewing. Time slots for the bus:

17.30 Kalkscheune to Stone Brewing

22.00 Stone Brewing to Friedrichstadtpalast (close to Kalkscheune)

22.30 Stone Brewing to Friedrichstadtpalast (close to Kalkscheune)

23.00 Stone Brewing to Friedrichstadtpalast (close to kalkscheune)